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TROJANS manufacturing unit by the name of M/S PRECISION INVESTMENT CASTING (PIC) Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1994 in Hattar Industrial Estate, Distt. Haripur.

Our promise to you

When you come to PIC  with   your casting needs, we will work with you to help you determine whether investment casting is the best process to meet your objectives. The first step to keep costs in line is finding the right fit between your part needs, and the process for making them. On opting for investment casting, you are guaranteed the best performance and durability of your product. We offer engineering expertise with every quality part that we sell.

Our sales engineers and field Sales Executives are always willing to demonstrate how we can offer top quality parts at total lower costs.

While many parts we make are for new applications, investment casting still offer a functional, cost effective alternative to parts currently made by sand casting, fabrication, welding or other production methods.
Our engineering staff is known for its creativity to solve production problems. If a part is designed as an investment casting, we can preserve the parts intended function while capitalizing on the. inherent benefits of investment casting near net shape, and streamlined design, (cast in features use reduced alloy use etc.). We are willing to share our engineering expertise with customers or potential customer through one-to-one communication.


Our thrust towards quality comes from explicit designing, careful preplanning and continuous process control, as well as by after cast inspection. Using a spectrograph, we monitor the alloy composition of every melt. We check the dimensional accuracy of the castings using our computerized coordinate machine as well as precision gauges.


An important tradition at PIC is our Development Department which assists manufacturing by monitoring, defining, and documenting the process. Before any material system or procedure is incorporated on the shop floor,Development Department thoroughly tests it for compatibility with our system. If any problem persists during the production, DO assists our process engineering team in solving them.

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