TROJANS Pakistan project profile includes top of the line Private, Government and Public Sector. We have worked on the projects by delivering preeminent technology products and services which has made us a leader in the market.

Specialized Turnkey Projects

Ongoing Projects of TROJANS Pakistan include:

 1- Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

PAF is one of the major clients of TROJANS. TROJANS has been invloved in supporting PAF to its full potential by providing them latest technological products and technical support.

Project Vision included the up gradation of old hardware for Radar tracking and Air Traffic Control Systems. The Hardware provided includes the state of the art Blade Servers, Communication Gateway Servers, Def-Com, Set-Com, Inter-Com Communication, Logging and Recording Systems.

Customized Hardwares & Softwares were designed in house at Trojans, furthermore Rugges Equipment Racks were also designed for field deployment that could withstand the harsh environment.

2- Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

WAPDA, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority, was created in 1958 as a Semi-Autonomous Body for the purpose of coordinating and giving a unified direction to the development of schemes in Water and Power Sectors, which were previously being dealt with, by the respective Electricity and Irrigation Department of the Provinces.

TROJANS Pakistan is proud of its association with WAPDA one of the largest employers of human resources in Pakistan. TROJANS is handling the Information System Department of WAPDA better known as WAPDA Computer Centre (WCC) which is the hub of IT activity in WAPDA.TROJANS is helping WAPDA to ensure uniform implementation of the electricity tariff across the country. The system has helped in reduction of consumers complaints and assisted in streamlining revenue realization process.

Equipped with VAX 4000 Computers from Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq USA), MicroVAX II, Band Printers, of 2200 LPM x 2000LPM, 1200 LPM, 900 LPM, LP29+, LP29, LP27, LG01, LG012, Printronix , IBM Servers, WAPDA’s Information System Department field formations have been given under the administrative control of respective DISCOs. These formations remained operational to provide computerized electricity bills to more than 13.25 million electricity consumers, every month.

At WCC headquarters in WAPDA House Lahore, TROJANS is handling two Alpha 2100 computers equipped with renowned Alpha processors. These computer are being optimally utilized to assist in timely analysis, generating vital information for the Authority and to cater for the processing needs of Lahore Electric Supply Corporation (LESCO).

3- AARDIC (Advance Armour Research and Development Complex) at HIT(Heavy Industries Texila)

Trojan is proud to be awarded this high-tech project on turn-key basis, Responsibility includes supply, set-up, installation, training and operation of the project. Project was inaugrated formally in Decemeber 2006. Trojans has developed an Advance Armour Research And Development Complex (AARDIC) in Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). AARDIC is equipped with the state of the art technology related to Rapid Prototyping, Quality Control, Revenue Engineering, 3D Modeling, Thermal Imaging, Telecommunication & Metal Casting.AARDIC will be used for the research and development purpose to enhance HIT prowess to produce more better Tanks and Armour.

4- Battlefield Management System (BMS) for Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT)

The BMS is flexible architecture of Battlefield C4I for Armored formulations that can be adapted for any Battle Space (Air, Land or Sea).

  • Integrated C4I
  • Secure Digital Battlefield Networks
  • Spread Spectrum Digital Communication
  • GPS Based Navigation Functions
  • Command Tank Functions
  • Mission Planning / Data Management
  • Terrain & COP Visualization 3D
  • Digital Messaging
  • Ticker Tape Display
  • Pre-Loaded Text Messages
  • Free Form messaging
  • Wireless File Transfer
  • Line of Sight
  • Data Self-Destruct
  • System Integrity
  • Moving Map Display with Multiple Base Maps