Trojans Welfare Trust



Trojans Welfare Trust has been operational as part of Trojans since 2004 by the name of Trojans CSR Fund. It was initially a department of the firm but due to increasing demands of the TVET sector and expansion needs, Trojans CSR Fund has now been transformed into an individual entity named Trojans Welfare Trust. It is now is a separate nonprofit and non political private organization. This truly is an ideal organization conducting various field operations for relief and development among under served communities. The organization has aim to address the needs of community and bring awareness through formal technical education in line with the 21 st century technology and industry trends among the youth of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



“To inspire and equip masses to reach their divine potential”.

We believe that only education can change the destiny of nations, it can kill poverty, hunger injustice and discrimination of all sorts. With skilled work force resulting from 21st Century Learning we can have a progressive, developed and self sufficient Pakistan.

Mission Statement

“To equip the upcoming unserved youth of Pakistan with Technical education leading to employment opportunities”

Values Guiding our Work

Trust  – Ensuring Transparency to fulfill our promise with the society

Accountability  Responsibly assuring the compliance to the defined norms

Solidarity – Within the Organization and with the people of Pakistan

Justice –  With the nature of our organization and social responsibilities

Integrity – To act according to values with commitment and honesty

Flexibility – Open to innovation and change.

Goal & objectives

– To relieve the inhabitants who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress as a result  of local, national disaster or by reason of their social and economic circumstances.

 To focus our efforts on educating the “unserved” population of Pakistan

– To provide equal learning environment and education facilities across the country without any discrimination

– To improve the learning abilities of the students with innovative teaching tools

 To impart technical skills in unemployed youth, school and college dropouts to earn respectable professions

– To aid the economy and industry of Pakistan by producing technologists, entrepreneurs and technologically sound human resource

– To link the industry with educational institutes to ensure future employment opportunities for the students.


Previous Experience

– Earthquake

On the unfortunate morning of 8th October 2005; Muzaffarabad Earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck South Asia, affecting 3.5 million people: 73,000 people were killed, 79,000 were injured and disabled 2.8 million were left without shelter, assets and livelihoods. Trojans Organization provided 25 shelters, clothes, blankets etc to Muzaffarabad Earthquake Rehabilitation Administration during the early time period of disaster.

– Flood Affected

Provided Shelter and Food Items among the 100 flood affected communities of Charsada and Nowshera Districts. The initiated was taken by the Trojans Through our CSR Fund.


– Project: 3D Conceptual Learning Through CAD

The project aimed at improving the learning environment for students in STEM subjects through the tool called Computer Aided Designing. The program was carried out in Rawalpindi involving schools from underprivileged areas of the city. The program proved to be successful with almost 40% improvement in learning capabilities.

 –  Project: Hitec University

Trojans was directly involved in the development of Hitech University which is one of the best engineering institutes in Taxila and Pakistan. Trojans established IT Labs, IT Class rooms, Library, Mosque and equipment for engineering department worth more than 10 million Rupees.