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Premium, portable measurement and imaging solutions



The FARO family of premium, portable measurement and imaging solutions encompasses point-to-point contact instruments, non-contact imaging scanners, and computer-aided measurement software. All are designed to provide easy workflows for your inspection, alignment, surface modeling, asset management, and documentation needs.

FaroArm FaroArm FARO Gage FARO Gage
Factory floor measurement up to 12′ range and .0006″ accuracy.Read More Machine shop measurement up to 4’ range and .0002” accuracy.Read More
FARO Laser ScanArm FARO Laser ScanArm FARO Laser Scanner FARO Laser Scanner
Contact/Non-contact measurement arm.Read More Large scale digitization and as-built documentation.Read More
FARO Laser Tracker FARO Laser Tracker CAM2 Software CAM2 Software
World’s most accurate large volume laser tracker.Read More Measurement software, CAD-to-part comparison and analysis.
Software Solutions providers
3rd party software developersRead More