Since 1973 COORD3 has manufactured over 5,000 Coordinate measurement machines at its headquarters in Bruzolo, just outside the city of Turin and in the foothills of the Italian alps, in the vicinity of the ski slopes used in the 2006 winter Olympics. Today many CMM manufactures hide the true manufacturing location of their machines and hide behind the image of days past.

COORD3 is a Global Leader in the supply of Coordinate Measuring Machines and one of only a few suppliers capable of manufacturing CMM structures from alloy technology with its proven capabilities to react positively to thermal changes. Unlike traditional granite CMM frames that absorb slowly thermal changes with the effect of CMM accuracy degradation over the prolonged period granite take time to dissipate the absorbed heat.

The COORD3 range of high technology coordinate measuring machines are fully equipped with Renishaw CMM technology components. Renishaw is the industry benchmark supplier of CMM probing.


Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine

COORD3 offer its manual ARES CMM for application where customers require to measure small and medium size parts. The advanced alloy air bearing structure offers a CMM that does not fatigue the user like heavier structured manual CMM Machines.

Bridge CMM Machine Range

The COORD3 series of DCC air bearing bridge configuration CMM’s offer advanced measuring platforms with integral dovetail Y axis machined directly into the granite plate providing the ultimate in stable metrology performance. A COORD3 CMM can be equipped with Renishaw touch or scanning probes and are suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications. Available in CMM bridge widths from 400mm to 2 meters the COORD3 Bridge range offers the most comprehensive series of CMM models sizes in the market to accommodate your specific measurement requirement.

UNIVERSAL 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

COORD3 announce the new UNIVERSAL CMM; the high technology alloy moving frame CMM provides high dynamics and accuracy performances while achieving outstanding thermal stability. UNIVERSAL provides a flexible coordinate measuring platform allowing use of point-to-point, analogue contact scanning and laser scanning sensors and due to its structural rigidity makes an an ideal platform for full 5 axis scanning and gear measurement applications.

Gantry CMM Machine Range

With almost 40 years of experience in the design and construction of machines designed for such application we provide a wide range of Gantry style CMM’s characterized by supreme mechanical design and structural stability that ensure long term accuracy performance.The COORD3 MCT range of Gantry style CMM offers a range of medium to large measuring volumes and has been developed for measuring larger manufactured parts.

Horizontal Arm CMM Machine

Horizontal arm CMM’s are the ideal solution to measure thin walled components, such as sheet metal car bodies, car panels, car doors, vehicle glass, dashboards and for the inspection of mechanical parts such as engine blocks and transmission castings, and  aeronautical and automotive components.
All horizontal arm systems are available both in single and dual arm versions.