FARO Sensor

An advanced probe for measurement arms that increases user productivity

  • Introduction

    FARO and Renishaw have developed the FARO SENSOR, an advanced probe for measurement arms that increases user productivity and confidence in results.

    “What makes the FARO SENSOR probe unique is that data is taken only when in contact with the part, unlike other probes that keep collecting points even when the hard probe leaves the work piece,” FARO President and CEO Jay Freeland said. “That causes rework and creates errors that have to be removed later.

    FARO Titanium Arm

    The FARO SENSOR eliminates that wasted effort – including the guesswork as to which points need to be deleted. Users will know without a doubt that their measurements are more exact than ever.” Exclusively developed for the Quantum FaroArm, the FARO SENSOR is a contact-sensing rigid probe that functions as three sensors in one to offer hard probe, touch trigger and scanning capability. To operate, users simply guide the SENSOR along the surface of the object to be measured. Points are measured as soon as the probe contacts the surface, eliminating the need to press capture buttons, as with other probes.

  • Features

    The Quantum’s laptop computer simultaneously illustrates the 3D measurements on-screen and records all of the data. It creates a 3D “blueprint” of a part or machine component, making it an all-in-one portable tool for performing inspections, tool certification, CAD-to-Part analysis, and reverse engineering.
    Drawing on Renishaw’s metrology expertise, the innovative sensing technology within the FARO SENSOR is also:

    • Easy to use, significantly reducing complexity of the measuring process by minimising operator influence
    • Designed for durability to endure day-to-day use in tough industrial environments
    • Equipped with a range of styli that allow it to accurately probe intricate and hard-to-reach features
  • Downloads

    Faro Sensor Installation and User Guide