• Introduction


    Providers of 3D Metrology Solutions for Engineering & Manufacturing

    InnovMetric Software Inc. is a software development company based in Quebec City, Canada, that develops PolyWorks ®, and markets and supports industrial 3D metrology solutions worldwide based on the PolyWorks universal software platform. InnovMetric Software employs 125 people, including 30 application specialists, in eight countries. PolyWorks® The Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform that smoothly integrates with 3D Scanners, white light 3D digitizers, hard probes, manual CMMs, and laser trackers for 3D metrology, 3D inspection, and reverse engineering.

    You care for efficiency and want to build real CAD models of digitized objects. Why not leverage your existing CAD modeler? At InnovMetric, we firmly believe that CAD modeling is best performed in your corporate CAD system. This is why PolyWorks’ reverse engineering philosophy consists in optimally extracting CAD entities (such as curves, surfaces, sketches, or prismatic features) on digitized models, to serve as a starting point in your corporate CAD modeling solution. Give a best friend to your CAD solution, and produce fully editable CAD models from digitized objects under all circumstances.

  • Features

    Dimensional control

    This conclusion is often heard in industrial metrology circles. Why? Because InnovMetric invented point-cloud-based dimensional inspection.

    And now the PolyWorks dimensional control platform is available not only for all high-density point cloud 3D digitizing platforms, but also for all major brands of articulated arms, photogrammetry based and hand-held probing devices, laser trackers, and manual CMMs.

    Rely on the #1 solution used worldwide in the industrial manufacturing community for all your dimensional part measurements and part-to-CAD comparisons.

    Point cloud engineering

    Discover why major automotive and aerospace OEMs around the world rely on the PolyWorks platform for tool and assembly engineering. From your computer, virtually assemble digitized product components, identify and characterize interfering parts, or highlight instabilities in your tool design or assembly process.

    And most importantly, learn about your manufacturing process. With the PolyWorks point cloud engineering techniques, 3D metrology becomes an integral part of your product engineering workflow, from start to finish.

    Statistical process control

    PolyWorks offers you an embedded statistical process control (SPC) methodology, ideal to quickly and easily analyze multiple digitized instances of a part or product in a pre-production context. You can now digitize or probe a set of pieces, accumulate measurement results as pieces are being analyzed, and then visualize a trend chart, Cp, or Cpk for nearly all dimensions.

    Quantifying the repeatability and reproducibility of your manufacturing process has never been easier. All PolyWorks results can be formatted and exported to text files for further processing in your corporate SPC solution.

    Reverse engineering

    Getting more out of your existing 3D digitizing equipment. This is our key objective. With its renowned adaptive meshing technology, PolyWorks gives you more smoothness and more accuracy compared to any other software. With superior meshes in hand, PolyWorks allows you to easily track the most complex feature lines and quickly outline sets of patches for NURBS surface fitting.

    With a brand new curve and NURBS surface fitting engine, dynamic patch generation, and the possibility of reconstructing portions of CAD models, InnovMetric now brings PolyWorks to new heights, making it an indispensable tool for your product engineering process.

    Polygonal manufacturing

    Top polygonal quality is at the core of PolyWorks’ success. With its unmatched adaptive point cloud meshing technology and capability to reconstruct perfect geometry from imperfectly digitized parts, PolyWorks has dramatically expanded the use of polygonal models (STL) in industrial applications, enabling remarkable new applications, such as aerodynamic simulation on digitized clay models or mold and die duplication from polygons.

    PolyWorks now offers robust CAD model import and watertight tessellation technologies that promise a new era of polygonal interoperability between 3D digitizers and CAD/CAM software.

    Finite element meshing

    A dream has now become reality. You can now create quadrilateral meshes of digitized parts for finite element analysis software, without having to edit polygonal models or fit NURBS surfaces.

    Ten times faster than any other comparable workflow, the PolyWorks solution morphs CAD models onto digitized polygons to create perfect models in a wink.

    Morphed triangular models are then converted to quadrilateral meshes, with the possibility of manually controlling local quadrilateral size.

    Airfoil gauging

    Designed and tested in collaboration with market-leading global airfoil manufacturers, the PolyWorks Airfoil Gauge module offers you a toolbox dedicated to controlling airfoil dimensions at various stages of the manufacturing process.

    Thanks to the most robust camber line fitter in the industry, PolyWorks gives you the unique ability to analyze airfoils measured by any hardware measurement device, including white-light digitizers, laser scanners, X-ray scanners, and CMMs.

  • Specification

    3D scanners and digitizers supported:

    • Laser scanners (mounted on arm, tracker, CMM, or gantry, or optically tracked)
    • Fringe-projection systems and Moiré
    • Single-point contact-based or optical-based automated CMMs
    • CT-Scanning devices
    • LIDAR and phase-based long-range digitizers

    Supported 3D digitizers (3D scanners) include systems manufactured by:

    AICON 3D
    Cavlab (StarCam)
    Creaform (Handyscan)
    Dimensional Photonics
    Faro Technologies
    Genex Technologies
    Hexagon Metrology
    Konica Minolta
    Kreon 3D
    Laser Design
    Leica Geosystems
    Metron Systems
    Micro Epsilon
    Orus Technologies
    Phoenix X-Ray
    Romer (G-scan)
    Spatium 3D
    Wolf & Beck
    Yxlon (X-Ray)
    Zoller + Fröhlich
    3D Digital Corp
    3rd Tech

    Point cloud digitizer plug-ins :

    Plug-ins officially supported by PolyWorks:

    • Creaform Handyscan 3D
    • Faro Laser Scan Arm
    • Konica Minolta Range 7 and Vivid 900/910/9i
    • Leica T-Scan
    • Metris MMD and LC-D laser scanners
    • Perceptron V4/V4i/V5 Contour Probe
    • Romer G-scan and R-scan
    • Steinbichler L-Scan and T-ScanSeveral plug-ins are currently under development, either by hardware manufacturers or InnovMetric. Please contact us for additional information.

    Supported probing devices:

    • Articulated arms: Cimcore, Faro, Garda, Metris, Romer
    • Hand-held optically tracked: Aicon, Metris, NDI, Steinbichler
    • Laser trackers: API, Faro, Leica
    • Manual CMMs: Deva, MZ1060
    • Laser trackers: API, Faro, Leica
  • Downloads

    PolyWorks V11 Corporate Brochure

    PolyWorks V11 NewFeatures Brochure

    PolyWorks V11 DataSheet Brochure

    PolyWorks Inspector Probing V11 Brochure

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